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CEO Club London

What Is The CEO Club London

CEO Club London is a global business community that unites business leaders from all around the world in an ecosystem of development, cooperationand a shared positive impact on the world.

CEO Club London is the extension of the most powerful business community in Ukraine – CEO Club Ukraine. The traditions and experience of CEO Club Ukraine are the foundation for the formation and development of the new London community. 
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Club Experience

The community forms a сommon space for development, dialogue, mutual support, and cooperation through unique club formats.

These formats are focused on building trust and community, creating business opportunities, and developing personal and management skills.
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The members of CEO Club London are entrepreneurs, top executives as well as investors from across the globe.

CEO Club London brings together business leaders, not the companies they represent. The integrity of the community is ensured by a thorough and transparent selection process of new candidates with explicit and measurable criteria.
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CEO Club London

Fundraising Reception for Ukrainian Students at the University of Oxford

The CEO Club London proudly assumed the role of sponsor and organiser for the Fundraising Reception for Ukrainian Students at the University of Oxford. This significant event transpired at the distinguished Oxford & Cambridge Club in London.

In alignment with our esteemed partner, The University of Oxford, CEO Club London took the initiative to propel the fundraising campaign, culminating in the successful fundraise of funds for Ukrainian students. The evening's gravity was further accentuated by the benevolent contributions of Oleksandr Zinchenko and Oleksandr Usyk, who graciously presented valuable items for the charity auction, thereby infusing the occasion with additional significance.

A sincere acknowledgment is extended to Professor Lionel Tarassenko CBE, Founder of the Ukrainian Scholarship Scheme, and President of Reuben College, Oxford. With an unwavering commitment to securing financial backing for the education of Ukrainian students at Oxford over the past two years, Professor Tarassenko exemplifies a steadfast dedication to advancing educational opportunities.

The event attracted notable figures, including Brooks Newmark, former Minister for Civil Society of the UK, Baroness Emma Nicholson, Alex Sobel (MP), and Jack Lopresti (MP), underscoring the communal support for educational initiatives that benefit Ukrainian students.

In summary, сontinuing to build bridges of opportunity, CEO Club London remains steadfast in its commitment to fortifying ties between Kyiv and London, forging strategic alliances within the UK, and cultivating relationships with pivotal institutions, notably the esteemed University of Oxford.

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