Discussion with the Ukraine APPG and Veteran Marathon Runners

On the 16th of April, the CEO Club London held a special event. The first part of the event was devoted to our special guests - veterans who came directly from Ukraine. Ukrainian Marine Oleksii, Heorhii and Hlib told us their stories, Hlib and Heorhii were prisoners of war and survived russian captivity. During the first panel they shared that Oleksii and Hlib will run the 2024 London Marathon as a team of the Ukrainian Marines. Another runner is Slava, who is an ambassador of the Citizen Charity Foundation. You may read about all three runners and donate by following the links below. They all are fundraising and spreading awareness about the seriously injured Ukrainian servicemen who have lost limbs.

Runner 1 - Oleksii Rudenko, Ukrainian Marine https://2024tcslondonmarathon.enthuse.com/pf/oleksii--rudenko
Runner 2 - Heorhii Roshka, Ukrainian Marine https://2024tcslondonmarathon.enthuse.com/pf/heorhii-roshka (survived captivity)
Runner 3 - Slava Kulakovskyi, a coach, an athlete and an ambassador of the Citizen Charity Foundation https://2024tcslondonmarathon.enthuse.com/pf/viacheslav-kulakovskyi

The second panel featured an open discussion with Bob Seely and Alex Sobel, Co-chairs of APPG Ukraine (UK Parliament) on the future of UK-Ukraine relations: perspectives, challenges and chances amidst a shifting global landscape. It was mentioned that Ukraine urgently needs air defence and that the West is sometimes not quick enough to provide the arms that Ukraine needs. Both Mr. Seely and Mr. Sobel mentioned that the UK is doing a lot to help Ukraine and that they are doing everything possible to push forward the decisions in support of Ukraine.

Thank you to everyone who joined us yesterday! Please, support our veterans. Glory to Ukraine!