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We unite not just entrepreneurs and successful individuals. We unite personalities who we wish to be friends with and with whom we would like to build deep and trusting relationships.
Membership in the club is based on the following principles:


We consider each candidate not only as a successful businessman but first and foremost, as an individual with their unique qualities, values, motivations, experiences and competencies.


We stand for diversity in industries and directions.


It is important for us not to have a community of individual stars but a star team, where everyone stands for and acts as a single mechanism, thereby strengthening the capacity of everyone.


We are focused on the quality of the Club Members rather than their qunatity. We take time to get to know each other and allow our Members to get to know the Club. Each Membership Applicant proceeds through 3 stages of integration into the community: (1) Guest, (2) Candidate and (3) Club Member.


In case of a gross violation of the principles and values of the Club, the Member of the Club loses their membership instantly after the decision of the Club Board.

Membership Structure & Criteria:

General criteria for all types of Membership:

• proven transparent, sustainable and trustworthy business reputation;
• readiness to share the mission, values and principles of the Club;
• pro-Ukrainian position supported by examples of specific actions and assistance during the war;
• impact-oriented leadership — examples of implemented social, charitable and volunteer projects;
• relation to a sustainable business that does not have a harmful effect on the environment and society.


CEOs, business owners, shareholders, investors as well as executive/non-executive directors of large corporations. The requirements are 10 years of business experience and a minimum annual revenue of at least $10 million (cases of entire or partial loss of the business during the war are considered separately).


Senior and middle managers of large business corporations, international insitutions, NGOs and intergovernmental organisations. The requirements are 5 years of managerial experience as well as management of a particular team or direction of company’s business.


Diplomats, ex-politicians, representatives of international organisations and institutions, journalists, cultural figures, scientists and world experts.

The ratio of members to associate members is 80/20.

Membership Rules

  1. Adherence to and fulfilment of obligations of the Club and its Members.
  2. Prohibition of abuse of relationships and trust within and beyond the Club activities.
  3. Demonstration of constant willingness to provide help to Club Members and share experience, knowledge, and opportunities with them.
  4. Support the interests and public brand of the Club,promoting its values and principles in external communication.
  5. Willingness and commitment to systematically participate in joint impact projects of the Club within the framework of their capabilities and competencies.
Apply For Membership

4 Stages of Becoming a Club Member


Fill out the questionnaire for Candidacy in the Club.


Acquaintance meeting with the Founder of the Club or with a member of the Club Board.


Obtaining the status of a Club Guest: the first acquaintance with the club may include participation in several club events of various formats.


Obtaining the status of a Club Member, fullfilling 3 requirements below:

4.1. A Member has to be approved by the Board of the Club
4.2. A Member has to sign and adhere to the CEO Club Constitution
4.3. A Member has to pay the membership fee