In Conversation with a self-made billionaire Surinder Arora

“Never get big headed as fruit doesn’t grow on tall trees” told self-made billionaire Surinder Arora his mother when he was a kid. Mr. Arora grew up in India. He later moved to London. At first he worked simple jobs, later made a successful career in finance. 

However, he didn’t stop there and began developing hotel business. His first hotels were operating in the Heathrow airport for British Airways. After 9/11 the network expanded to other airports and other airlines. When Heathrow didn’t want to include Mr. Arora’s business in the tender claiming it to be too small, he ended up winning a different tender for the Accor Sofitel brand and created one of the best hotel businesses in the world. 

Mr. Arora shared not only his business success story, but also some life advice as he is married successfully for 40 years. 
Thank you to all who attended yesterday! We also extend a special gratitude to Andrii Gorokhov who moderated the event.