What Is The CEO Club London

CEO Club London is a global business community that unites business leaders from all  around the world in an ecosystem of development, cooperation, friendship and a joint positive  impact on the world.

Being founded on November 2022, CEO Club London has managed to organise numerous fruitful meetings of Club Memebers with Ministers, Senior Officials, and a multitude of stakeholders. The Club has already more than 40 influential business leaders among its members.

CEO Club London is the extension of the most powerful business community in Ukraine – CEO Club Ukraine. The traditions and experience of CEO Club Ukraine are the foundation for the formation and development of the London community.
The key task of the Club is to create an environment that helps to form resilient and sustainable leaders who are able, to demonstrate leadership within their teams and businesses to create new outstanding successes,thereby changing the world in conditions
For the last 10 years, CEO Club Ukraine has united more than 250 top business leaders of Ukraine and implemented plenty of socially important projects and initiatives, actively cooperating with the Government of Ukraine.
Furthermore, CEO Club London performs a role of a reliable Cooperation Bridge between International and Ukrainian businesses to create new opportunities in the areas of business, investments, politics and culture.

THE MISSION OF THE CLUB is to develop productive, successful, trustworthy cooperation and partnership between Ukrainian and international businesses.

Club Mission

Club Life

The Club functions as a single integrated ecosystem that meaningfully connects all its Members into a powerful united team, creating a a unified environment for new ideas, projects and partnerships. . Club life involves a multitude of wide-range activities of professional and recreational nature, fulfilling the sense of diversity and integration.
The Club organises more than 50 various events per year of a different scale (large and l, format (formal receptions and informal weekends) and theme (educational, academic, cultural, sport-oriented and others). All Club events are of great flexibility and  are held online and offline to accommodate the needs of the Members. The Club has also developed a set of online tools, which allow Club Members to be in touch with all other Club Members and monitor the life of the Club 24/7 from any location around the globe.
Founder of
The CEO Club London
Serhiі Haidaichuk

is an entrepreneur and investor who serves as the founder and president of CEO Club Ukraine, which is the largest business club in Ukraine. He is widely recognized as an expert in building business communities, having successfully launched more than a dozen community-based projects such as the Young Business Club, Ukrainian Real Estate Club, Ukrainian branch of YPO, and Club-100, among others.

In addition to his work with CEO Club Ukraine, Serhii is a member of the National Council of Reforms under the President of Ukraine. He also serves as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Altares CEO Club Fund I and is a Board Member of social platform Generation+ and charitable foundation Soborna UA.

“I strongly believe that by bringing leaders together and creating territories of trust, we can do more good things in the world. This activity not only empowers and strengthens each member of the community but also creates a strong foundation for more powerful impact projects. This is one of the main tasks of creating communities and uniting influential leaders”.
Advisory Board

Andrii Gorokhov


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Nataliya Katser-Buchkovska

Founder, Ukraine Sustainable Fund

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Artem Shevalev

Board Director, EBRD

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Anna Babych

Executive Partner, Aequo Law Firm

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Ihor Ishchenko

Expert, Wealth Management, M&A

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Maria Zolkina

Political Analyst & Researcher, LSE

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Vyacheslav Lysenko

CEO, Meest China

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Dmytro Tretiakov

International Diplomacy Expert

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Vladyslav Chechotkin

Founder of Rozetka.ua

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Olyana Gordiyenko

Head of Corporate Governance of the ICU Group

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