Discussion with the Ukraine APPG and Veteran Marathon Runners

On the 16th of April CEO Club London held a special event. The first part of the event was devoted to our special guests - veterans that came directly from Ukraine. Ukrainian Marine Oleksii, Heorhii and Hlib told us their stories, Hlib and Heorhii were prisoners of war and survived russian captivity. During the first panel they shared that Oleksii and Hlib will run 2024 London Marathon as a TEAM of the UKRAINIAN MARINES. Another runner is Slava, who is an ambassador of the Citizen Charity Foundation. You may read about all the three runners and donate following the links below. They all are fundraising and spreading awarness about the seriously injured Ukrainian servicemen who have lost limbs. Runner 1 - Oleksii Rudenko, Ukrainian Marine Runner 2 - Heorhii Roshka, Ukrainian Marine (survived captivitity) Runner 3 - Slava Kulakovskyi, a coach, an athlete and an ambassador of the Citizen Charity Foundation The second panel featured an open discussion with Bob Seely and Alex Sobel, Co-chairs of APPG Ukraine (UK Parliament) on the future of UK-Ukraine relations: perspectives, challenges and chances amidst a shifting global landscape. It was mentioned that Ukraine urgently needs air defence and that the West is sometimes not quick enough to provide arms that Ukraine needs. Both Mr. Seely and Mr. Sobel mentioned that the UK is doing a lot to help Ukraine and that they are doing everything possible to push forward the decisions in support of Ukraine. Thank you to everyone who joined us yesterday! Please, support our veterans. Glory to Ukraine
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In Conversation with Volodymyr Popereshniuk, Owner of NOVA POSHTA

On the 6th of March 2024, CEO Club London hosted a captivating conversation event featuring Volodymyr Popereshniuk, the owner of NOVA POSHTA as our guest; the talk was moderated by Anna Babych. The event was marked by an atmosphere of warmth and intellectual engagement as Mr Popereshniuk shared several valuable insights in his speech.

The necessity for businesses to maintain a state of constant "stress" in order for them to thrive was marked.

Mr. Popereshniuk also shared that despite the ongoing challenges posed by the war in Ukraine, NOVA POSHTA continues to invest in the country, having grown by 15-20% last year; the current workforce number is around 35,000 employees.

Highlighting the paramount importance of human capital, Mr. Popereshniuk reiterated that people are the most valuable resource.

The conversation also delved into NOVA POSHTA's strategic expansion plans. Mr. Popereshniuk mentioned that the ambition to enter the European market emerged in 2015, leading to the establishment of Nova Global. The crisis served as a catalyst for innovation, prompting the creation of new companies and reevaluation of the already existing processes.

Mr. Popereshniuk rejected the notion that at a certain level, an entrepreneur can delegate responsibilities entirely, asserting that the entrepreneurial role cannot be relinquished.

Thank you to everyone who joined us yesterday! The event provided attendees with valuable insights into the mindset and strategies driving NOVA POSHTA's success.
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CEO Club AI Conference

On the 27th of February CEO Club London hosted an AI Conference that brought together experts and thought leaders who shared their knowledge about the present and future of AI.

The event featured two panel discussions. The conference commenced with a Keynote Address titled "AI: Our Present and What the Future Promises?». The speakers, Andrew Grill, Actionable Futurist and former IBM Global Managing Partner, and Dr Mark Kennedy from Imperial College London, shared their perspectives on the development of AI, its potential, pros and cons of it being a part of our everyday life. The second panel talk was business-themed and focused on "How to Increase Business Efficiency and Multiply Income with the Help of AI." The panellists, including Dan Bailey, Vice President and Senior Partner, CTO for Public Sector, Lawrence Turner, AI technology architect, and Dr Ana Armstrong, Fund manager, founder, and CEO of AIM Cube, shared their expertise and experiences in leveraging AI to enhance business operations and drive revenue growth. Both panels were moderated by Olyana Gordiyenko, Corporate Governance and Compliance Officer at ICU.

Guests in attendance included CEO Club members, business representatives, founders, and diplomats, all of whom actively participated in the enriching dialogue and networking opportunities provided by the conference. The CEO Club extends its gratitude to all participants, speakers, and members for their contributions to the success of the AI conference.
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