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What Is The CEO Club London

CEO Club London is a global business community that unites business leaders from all around the world in an ecosystem of development, cooperationand a shared positive impact on the world.

CEO Club London is the extension of the most powerful business community in Ukraine – CEO Club Ukraine. The traditions and experience of CEO Club Ukraine are the foundation for the formation and development of the new London community. 
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Club Experience

The community forms a сommon space for development, dialogue, mutual support, and cooperation through unique club formats.

These formats are focused on building trust and community, creating business opportunities, and developing personal and management skills.
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The members of CEO Club London are entrepreneurs, top executives as well as investors from across the globe.

CEO Club London brings together business leaders, not the companies they represent. The integrity of the community is ensured by a thorough and transparent selection process of new candidates with explicit and measurable criteria.
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CEO Club London

In Conversation with Sir Liam Fox MP

“We’ve become drunk on peace and its dividends. We have to be rational about the consequences.” - Sir Liam Fox

Yesterday’s grand event brought insights from Sir Liam Fox, Former Secretary of State for Defence in the Cabinet of David Cameron, on pressing global issues, including NATO defence budgets, the situation in Ukraine, geopolitical dynamics involving the EU, the US, Russia, Iran, and China.

Sir Liam Fox emphasised the importance of scrutinising NATO’s defence spending. It’s not just about raising budgets; it’s about spending wisely to ensure our collective security. He reaffirmed his support for arming Ukraine, stressing the need for NATO to have brutally honest discussions about each member state’s contributions to the defence budget.

Reflecting on the West’s stance in conflicts in Europe, Sir Liam Fox stated, «The West overslept multiple times, first in 2008 with Georgia, then in 2014 with Crimea and the Eastern Ukraine.» This serves as a reminder of the importance of proactive and decisive action.

Sir Liam Fox also discussed the UK’s special relationship with Ukraine, emphasising the importance of shared long-term goals and values. Both nations believe in law and democracy, standing in stark contrast to Russia’s vision. He underscored the need to support countries like Georgia and Moldova, aligning them with our values and moving them out of the grey zone.

Sir Liam Fox highlighted the interconnectedness of the British and US economies and stressed that mutual prosperity is in our best interest. While trade is essential, stable investments are the foundation of a lasting relationship.

Sir Liam Fox’s closing message was clear: “The West, bound by four-year political cycles, unlike Russia, must understand that Ukraine’s frontline is our frontline. Ukraine’s existential battle is our existential battle.” It’s time for a unified, strategic response to these global challenges.

Special thanks to Aliona Hlivco for being a moderator and to Sir Liam Fox MP for being our speaker!
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