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CEO Club London

What Is The CEO Club London

CEO Club London is a global business community that unites business leaders from all around the world in an ecosystem of development, cooperationand a shared positive impact on the world.

CEO Club London is the extension of the most powerful business community in Ukraine – CEO Club Ukraine. The traditions and experience of CEO Club Ukraine are the foundation for the formation and development of the new London community. 
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Club Experience

The community forms a сommon space for development, dialogue, mutual support, and cooperation through unique club formats.

These formats are focused on building trust and community, creating business opportunities, and developing personal and management skills.
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The members of CEO Club London are entrepreneurs, top executives as well as investors from across the globe.

CEO Club London brings together business leaders, not the companies they represent. The integrity of the community is ensured by a thorough and transparent selection process of new candidates with explicit and measurable criteria.
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CEO Club London

AI Insights with Volodymyr Bandura

CEO Club London hosted an AI expert Volodymyr Bandura at our recent event! Many of you may recognize Volodymyr for scripting robot Sophia’s first appearance in Ukraine back in 2018. But his accomplishments extend far beyond that. As the head of Innolytics Group, Volodymyr leads the way in AI solutions and technological competitive research. He’s also a global ambassador for Singularity University, co-founded by Ray Kurzweil.

During his presentation, Volodymyr highlighted that the AI revolution is here, with tools that are already revolutionizing businesses and offering unprecedented opportunities. He showcased practical examples of this impact and emphasized that AI solutions have become significantly more powerful and practical than last year, thanks to enormous investments in this field. Looking ahead, he discussed the future generations of AI models, specifically mentioning GPT-5, which is expected to be a substantial improvement over GPT-4, similar to the leap from GPT-3 to GPT-4. Volodymyr explained what this means for practical applications and explored potential outcomes with Universal AI and Superintelligence, including scenarios where AI systems reach or surpass human expertise combined with advanced robotics. Additionally, he discussed the significant changes these AI advancements could bring to politics and geopolitics.

A huge thank you to Volodymyr Bandura for sharing his insights, Antonina Iermeichuk for moderating the event and to everyone who joined us. Let’s continue to explore the power of AI to drive innovation and growth!
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